Aplikasi Simpan Pinjam

Rp5,000,000 Rp3,500,000

Aplikasi Pinjaman bagi Anda yang bergelut dalam bisnis simpan pinjam:

  • AJAX based
  • Support bootstrap 3.x
  • Friendly User Interface
  • Manage Borrowers Personal/Financial information
    Add/Remove or search borrower fast
    can upload Borrower’s photo
    Can import/upload Borrower(s) from CSV/Excel
  • Manage different kinds of Loan
    can set terms, interest rate, schedule of payments etc.
  • Loan servicing
    Add new loan application
    Search loans fast
    Automatically determines matured and overdue Debts
    Print Payment Schedule in PDF format
    Print Disclosure in PDF format
    Support Multiple loans for one borrower
  • Manage and Receive Payments
    Simple and easy to add new payments
    Can check borrower’s debt balance instantly
  • Manage Employees access level and information
    Add/remove employee
    can upload employee photo
  • Easy Company Setup
  • Multi language support
  • Multi currency support
  • Support different timezone
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